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Healing the Sick

For more than 50 years, the miraculous has been happening in the lives of ordinary people. This is our story.


Healing is Heaven's desire for us. How do we know? Because in Heaven, there is no sickness. And we are encouraged by the Lord's Prayer to pray for the will of Heaven to come down to Earth.


Jesus demonstrated the will of His Father for us. As He went, spontaneous healings broke out around Him. In one instance, a woman simply touched the hem of His cloak and she was healed. This account, like many others, suggests healing literally flowed out of Jesus. 

Before Jesus ascended to the throne in Heaven, He declared His work had only begun, and His followers should expect healing and miracles to continue (Mark 16). True to His words, the healing work of Jesus continues today.


This message is ROARING from Heaven. We will pursue the Kingdom of Heaven and see lives forever changed. We will see broken bodies healed, and we will see broken hearts mended. His love will transform us as He roars over us.

Heaven is simply waiting for us to take the first step...

Our encounter with the reality of Heaven began during the Jesus Movement, in 1972...

Heavens Roaring Over You

We are a healing pop-up ministry. These are spontaneous meetings ranging from street corners to bus stops, from coffee shops to parks to parking lots. We have no building, but use the streets around us to see the miraculous power of God move.

We call on Heaven to sound its roar over you, and meet whatever difficulty you may be facing.
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